Research Highlights

DPC-Net: Deep Pose Correction

Deep Pose Correction Network (DPC-Net) is a deep learning approach to achieving accurate, robust visual localization by correcting existing geometric, probabilistic estimators. I've submitted a first paper about DPC-Net to ICRA 2018 (with the RA-L option).


Sun-BCNN (Bayesian Convolutional Neural Network) infers the full 3D sun direction from single RGB images (which can then be used to improve localization).

PROBE: Predictive Robust Estimation

PROBE, and its follow-up, PROBE-GK (Generalized Kernels) is a heteroscedastic covariance model for image keypoints in visual odometry. Notably, PROBE-GK presents a novel Bayesian formulation for deriving a robust cost function for sparse keypoint reprojection errors.

Recent accomplishments

April, 2018 - After months of bad weather and cancelled lessons, I can finally say I’m a private pilot! I passed my flight test in late March. My girlfriend, Elyse, was my first passenger.

Post-Solo Shower

Final Approach

August, 2017 - I’ve been working on my private pilot license (PPL) this summer at Burlington Executive Airport (CZBA). After two months of training, I finished my first solo flight (which means I was the only person in the aircraft). If you’re interested in seeing the whole flight, I recorded the whole thing on my GoPro .

Post-Solo Shower

Final Approach