Poem 1

In howling storms
And silent meadows
In dawn perennial with its dusk
And sun eternal in its firmament
In darkness and in light
There lies my love for you
My shade, my warmth
My strength and sorrow

Poem 2

You ooze like honey
in the evening light
Seeping into every crevice
of my saccharine mind

The eastern rays
dissolve your sickly shadow
And flood my veins
with the world unseen

Poem 3

What is the flower?
Without the frost
An everlasting symbol
Signifying nothing

Utterly meaningless!
We are eternally good (you whisper)
Yet great awaits

What is the winter?
Without the bud
A frozen vanity
Rife with matter
Yet numb to glory

Beyond the western rim
Where spring begins
Yet winter chills
I love you still (I whisper)